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What to do with Waterspeed

Waterspeed helps you to track your water sports. You can use it in real-time or after your activities to review and analyze.

Before to start you can check the weather forecast, get Wind speed, and Gust, Beaufort Wind scale from your favorite spot, and verify Tides.

Real-time use:

- on your iPhone, choose your sport and click on START. You will see instant speed (click on Speed to change and see Speed Avg), Distance, distance from the starting point, the total of duration, and the map. You can also click on the Speedometer icon and see big numbers instead of the map.

- on your Apple Watch, choose your sport and click on Start (or turn the Crown or use the Force Touch). You can also select what to see in real-time, from the settings page (or clicking on the numbers on the screen).

You can also select if to lock the screen, to receive an alarm every KM, to save a Workout and the Route on Apple Health app, to get a sound when started.

To Pause your activity you can use the crown, the Force Touch, or click together Side button + Crown. You will see the page becoming orange while paused.

On both devices, you can also use a Countdown tool for your races.

Review mode:

On your Apple Watch, go on the Settings Page and click on Diary. Usually, tracks are automatically synced with your iPhone.

Open the Statistics page to get a graph on your performances over a period.
On your iPhone, click on Diary. Here you can filter your activities and calculate a total. Click on a track to see details, graphs, heart rate, and speeds. Move the point with the slider or point with your finger to see details point by point. From the icon in the right upper corner, choose "Adjust track" to put 2 Marks and Cut/Amend your track.

Use the icons on the map to: see a satellite map, see only a partial map, go full screen. Click on the Play button to see an animation of the performance.

Click on Splits, to see speeds by single distance (eg. every Km).

You can also merge 2 or more tracks, Compare 2 tracks, clone a track, export an image of it, or extract it as a new track part of a track or put 2 points on a track and evaluate statistics. You can automatically remove the Max speed, in case it is wrong or Clone and remove errors if the GPS was not working properly.


Finally, share your activities (don't forget to use #waterspeedapp) on Social, send manually to Strava, export as GPX or Excel/CSV to upload, Relive, Garmin, Google Earth, etc. or take a photo and save on your track.


Waterspeed Pro: how to subscribe or unsubscribe

Waterspeed is a freemium app. See below the list of things you have to unlock purchasing the Pro version:

  • More than 5 saved tracks

  • Cloud Sync between iPad and iPhone. Cloud backup

  • Restore from local backup

  • Play of a track

  • Weather and Tides forecast

  • Automatic Wind detection

  • Statistics and Graphs

  • Send to iPad

  • Best TOP speed 

  • GPX-CSV Excel export and import

  • Strava Integration

  • Countdown

The features above are available with an in-app purchase subscription of 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year. Prices can be different based on your country, please see the cost on the App Store of your device or directly on the related page of Waterspeed app.

The subscription, once purchased, will be auto-renewed every period until you cancel it 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.


Please note: You can unsubscribe from your iTunes account settings. Go on App Store, click on the picture of your user, then opèen the user details and click on SUBSCRIPTION.

Please note: the subscription is valid on any Apple device sharing the same iCloud account. You just need 1 subscription for all of your devices, for example, iPhone and iPad. Click on RESTORE, from the purchase page of the app, to activate the second device.

For more details or any issue, you can also see the official Apple Page:

Cloud Sync & Backup

Now you can use Waterspeed Cloud to automatically sync between iPad and iPhone and backup your diary in the Cloud.

Note: available only with the Pro subscription, from the App version 3.0.

What if you get an error purchasing a subscription

If you receive an error when subscribing, please:

1. be sure to have not activated any RESTRICTION on the System settings/Screen Time.

2. try to logout-Login from iCloud

3. restart the device

Export to Strava, Relive, Garmin, Google Earth, GPX, CSV, ...

Garmin: you can manually export a GPX file and then import it into any portal, including Strava and Garmin.

Strava: you can manually upload to Strava or set it to automatically save to Strava after every activity. From the Settings page, click on Strava Login, and sign in Strava.

Relive: Waterspeed save a workout in the Activity App of your iPhone with map details. You will be able to use it to import in Relive and create your custom Video.

GPSAR for GPS-Speedsurfing: Waterspeed can export ready to be imported on


Waterspeed can export any activity in your Diary to a GPX file. It uses the Topografix standard and it adds Garmin format for Speed, Accuracy, HR, and Course. 

This feature is available from the sharing button of the Navigation detail page.
Waterspeed can also export to a CSV file, ready for Excel

Please note: GPX-CSV export is available only if you subscribed to Waterspeed Pro (see the related article for details).

Social sharing, Open on Map, 'Send to iPad', manual Apple Health export

Share your activity with a Map or a Photo, track drawing, and some statistics from the Navigation detail page of the iPhone or iPad app:

  1. to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  2. save an image to Camera Roll

  3. to any other app importing an image

Press the Share button to manually "Send to iPad" an activity to your iPad or another iOS device connected via Bluetooth and with AirDrop enabled.


Choose "Open with Map" to open the selected point on Google Maps or Apple Map.


Please note: 'Send to iPad' is available only if you subscribed to Waterspeed Pro (see the related article for details).

Import GPX

Waterspeed can import many GPX types of files, to manually add activities from other sources or apps. Use it from the Diary page.

Please note: it is available only if you subscribed to Waterspeed Pro (see the related article for details).

What if Heart Rate doesn't work on Apple Watch App?

Please follow the below instructions:

1. Check on the Settings page of the App on Apple Watch if "Save Workout" (or "Workout & Heart rate") is On

2. Check the System settings of your iPhone, Privacy, Health, Waterspeed, if everything is On

3. Update the App

4. Update Apple Watch and iPhone OS

5. Restart the devices

If the problem is still there please contact our support.

What if I have I change the device or re-install the app: Backup and Restore of your Diary on iCloud

Please, use Restore only after a new installation of the app. To send a track to your iPad, please use 'Send to iPad' from the 'Share' button inside the track page.


Waterspeed is able to backup your activities on your iCloud Files space, in order to recover in case you want to change the device or re-install the app.


Waterspeed will perform a backup automatically every day (or as soon as you open the app) on your iCloud and on "on your iPhone" Files space. So you will be able to reuse those files in the future.


You can also do a manual backup in order to get an updated one.

First of all, log in to Apple iCloud from the System settings of your device. Then click Backup in the Settings page of the app on your iPhone or iPad.

It will save a proprietary file into your iCloud space locally and overwrite any older backup. Then iOS will upload automatically to the cloud, based on the settings of your device. Usually, it works only under Wi-Fi and it takes around 5-10 seconds per activity.


Please note: Backup uses your space on the iCloud drive.



from any device with the same iCloud account, it is possible to restore activities backed-up with Waterspeed on other devices. 


Please note: Restore will overwrite all activities in your Diary (for the device source you have chosen).

  1. make sure iCloud is enabled in the System Settings of your device

  2. connect to a Wi-Fi

  3. wait until iCloud on the other device uploads all files in the cloud

  4. check Apple Files App if all files in the Waterspeed folder are downloaded from iCloud or manually download

  5. open the .sqlite (or .db or .backup) file with Waterspeed

  6. it can happen that it doesn0t work immediately. Please close the app and try again till it works

How to Sync an activity from Apple Watch and iPhone

When connected, Waterspeed on Apple Watch automatically syncs saved activities with iPhone.
If it doesn't or it takes too long (sometimes it needs up to 1 hour), manually start the sync from the Settings page on the watch. You will see the number of tracks yet to sync with iPhone.

You can also click on the button refresh on the Diary page of the iPhone app.

If you have any trouble with syncing, please be sure:

- to have the latest iOS/WatchOS version

- to be connected to the Internet or have the Bluetooth activated and working

- restart both devices

Activity list on Apple Watch (and Re-Sync button)

Starting from version 2.8.9 (end of July 2018), you can see the list of your activities directly from the app on Apple Watch. You choose one and see all the details. Furthermore, you can re-sync the activity with your iPhone, for example, if you deleted or in case of an issue. If the activity is already on your iPhone, this button won't do anything.


CUT/TRIM Tool to amend a track 

In case of errors from the GPS or if you forgot to stop when back to the land, you can use the tool to amend the map:

1. Use the slider to find your first point or choose with your finger

2. Choose Mark 1 and save

3. Choose the second point second point 

4. Choose Mark 2 and save

5. Choose CUT

5. Review the track if it is all correct, then click Save. This operation cannot be undone.

Before saving, you can always click on UNDO to roll back the cut of the map.

To do another CUT you have to save the previous action.

Remove Max speed, Clone, and Clone & Remove errors

- Remove Max speed will search the top speed on the map and will remove a few points before and after. This can be useful in case the GPS got a mistaken speed.

- Clone will duplicate the track

- Clone & Remove errors will duplicate the track and will try to remove various errors produced by the GPS. Try to use it in case the map shows some wrong part of the track, long lines, top speeds, etc.

Export/Stats/Extract a portion of a track

Read the previous paragraph to see the steps to mark points. Then click on the 'Scissor' button and select:

1. EXPORT to save an image of the map with the track between the 2 marks

2. STATS to calculate statistics with the track between the 2 marks

3. EXTRACT to create a new track with points between the 2 marks

Compare 2 tracks

You can overlay the track map of 2 activities and compare their statistics, choosing Compare from the Diary page.

Review, Split in a small portion, and Play a track point-by-point

Waterspeed for iPhone and iPad offers you a powerful tool to review your tracks (saved with any device).

Click on Diary, then choose an activity to review. A page with details, statistics and a map will appear. The map will show you: Start point (green), Endpoint (blue), Max Speed point (red), and, if present, where you started the countdown.

The countdown track is cyan-colored. The navigation activity shows different colors based on speed.

To review the track, use one of the below tools:

  • Speed slider: slide a finger to the right or left to move among points, to see Speed, Heading, Heart rate, and Time.

  • Split button: to view a part of the track, for example, to avoid overlays, click on Split. It will show a few points before and after the actual position, then move on points using one of the above methods.

  • Play: if you have purchased the PRO version, you can click on Play and see a simulation of your performance.

Click on 'v' button to see a full view map.


Please note: you can adjust your zoom with 2 fingers. The app will work accordingly.

Please note 2: you can choose a point on the map just by clicking on it with your finger.


Zoom of the map and the Info Bubble

Click on 'v' button to see a full view map.


Click on the map to close the bubble and get a small view in the left corner with all info of the point. Click again on the blue tracker on the map (the selected point) to see the bubble again.

How to start/pause/stop an activity with Apple Watch (especially when you have wet hands) or iPhone/iPad

Apple Watch:

There are 4 ways to start/stop a new activity with Apple Watch:

  1. Crown: enable the 'Crown to Start' feature on the Settings page of your watch. Rotate 2-3 times your crown to start. To pause, rotate again, then rotate to stop it. Please be aware that scrolling the page will disable this feature. To enable again switch between pages. If the screen is locked, rotating the crown will unlock it only.

  2. Start button: swipe from left to right to reach the first page. To start a new activity, click on the green Start button. It will appear a new screen with the Red button to stop, pause button, lock button for waterproof mode, and settings button.

  3. Force Touch: forcefully press down on the main page until the secondary menu will appear.

  4. After you started, you can Pause or Resume after Pause pressing the Side button and the crown together


Feel free to choose the type of Sport before starting. It will adjust the information shown on the screen (for example for Windsurf will be showed the Speed Max). You can choose between Sailing, Kite, Windsurf, Windfoil, Kayak, Paddle, Powerboat, Jet Ski, Outrigging, Surf, Foil, Dragon boat, Canoe, Wingfoil, and a generic Other sport.



Click on the green Start button at the bottom of the main page. Then click Stop to put on Pause. Click again on Stop to save or discard the activity. After saving the activity, you will see a page with a map and statistics details.


Please note: you can also start a countdown (see the related article). A new activity will automatically start at the end of the countdown. When the countdown is stopped before its end, Waterspeed won't save any activity.


How to see Average Speed during tracking on iPhone

Click on the speed value and choose what to see in real-time: Instant or Average speed of the last 30 seconds.


Waterproof mode (screen lock) on Apple Watch

Choose 'Lock on start' in Settings. Once an activity will start (even after Pause), the screen of your Watch will be locked with the Waterproof mode of Apple Watch (you can recognize a drop icon on the top of your screen). This feature is available on Apple Watch 2 or higher.


Weather and Tides forecast and Automatic Wind detection

Waterspeed uses and to provide you a 6 days/1 hour forecast with temperature (°C or °F), conditions, Tides, wind direction, wind speed, and gust.

Waterspeed uses the same weather provider to search and show the Wind speed and direction when you save or edit a track.


Please note: Weather, Tides forecast, and Automatic detection are available only if you subscribed to Waterspeed Pro (see the related article for details). It applies only to activities started from the iPhone. For the Watch's one please go and manually Edit the track to get the wind speed value automatically.

Save, Edit, Delete or Filter/Search/Sort activities (Diary)

Press Stop at the end of your activity on your iPhone or iPad to save it and set wind speed and angle, number of maneuvers (eg. tacks) and write a comment and the name of the activity. You can also add a photo, choose the type of activity (Training, For fun, Racing) and the feeling about the performance.

If you have purchased the PRO version, Waterspeed automatically searches and saves Wind speed and direction.

You can always edit that info from the Navigation detail page, including activities saved from the Apple Watch.


To delete an activity swipe left on the related row from the Diary list or press the delete button from the Navigation detail page. This does not affect any activities saved with other devices (read the article 'Backup and Restore').


Click on Search Bar to filter or sort your activities in the Diary list by period, location, name, comment.


Please note: When an activity is saved from your iPhone, it can't be edited from your iPad, and vice-versa.


Statistics and Graphs

Activity Graph:

Choose an activity from the Diary. Along with all statistics and data, a graph will show the Speed or Hearth Rate point. Click on a point of the graph to move the related point on the map and see details.


General Stats and Graph:
Click on 'Statistics'. You will be able to get a graph for Max speed, Avg speed, Distance, Duration, grouped  Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Choose the period to analyze and if you want you can export it.


Please note: General Stats and Graphs are available only if you subscribed to Waterspeed Pro (see the related article for details). Activity Graph is available for every user.


What if my device runs out of battery or after a crash? (Where is my activity?)

Waterspeed saves all points in real-time. If the device runs out of battery or you accidentally the app or it crashes (very rarely), the device will automatically recover the track and save it. On Apple Watch, it will be synced automatically with iPhone after a restart.

Can I use Waterspeed on Apple Watch along with other apps? (rarely it crashes)

Waterspeed, during navigation, uses a lot of resources of your Apple Watch, in order to track very precisely. Using other apps (then sharing GPS and resources) can affect performances and sometimes, even if rarely, it can crash Waterspeed and the other apps. It is basically a limitation of the hardware of the device.


How to use or hide the Countdown

During a regatta or a race, you can start a countdown. The countdown feature can be activated or hidden from the Settings page within the app.


Adjust the minute amount using the '+'/'-' buttons, also if the countdown started. On Apple Watch, use the Crown to adjust this value, if, from the Settings page, you have disabled the 'Crown to start' switch.


Start and stop the timer using buttons on the interface or, from Apple Watch, using the Force Touch menu.


Press on Sync + to reset the value to the upper minute. Press on Sync - to reset the value to the lower minute.


At the end of the countdown, the navigation will start automatically.


The navigation can be manually started during a countdown.


Waterspeed saves the countdown activity and will report in cyan color on the detail page, but if you stop the countdown before it ends, the track will not be saved.


Please note: Countdown on Apple Watch is free, on iPhone is available only if you subscribed to Waterspeed Pro (see the related article for details).


Healthkit integration, Hearth rate, and Calories detection

Waterspeed on Apple Watch now can read Hearth rate and Calories in real-time, show on the screen, and save on the track. It also saves the activity in your Health app, to help you to close your rings.


Choose from the Settings page if to save/read it or not (Save workout).

Please note that you can manually add to Apple Health from the Share icon inside a single track page.


Change Screen mode (Apple Watch)

From the Settings page of your watch app, you can choose the Screen mode, which information to show on your watch app. You can also tap on the screen.


Please note that you can choose 'Average' too: it shows the Average of the Speed of the last few points, instead of the Instant Speed. 


If available, Hearth rate and Calories will be always showed.


Speedometer view

Ont the iPhone app, click on the map icon to change the screen and see the Speedometer. Click again to go back to the map view.

Units (Km, Kn, Miles)

From the Settings page of your phone app or watch app, you choose which unit (Km, Knots, or Miles) to show Speed and Distance (separately).


The Alarm on distance (Apple Watch)

From the Settings page of your Apple Watch app, you can choose to activate an alarm every Km.


Sound on Start (Apple Watch)

From the Settings page of your Apple Watch app, you can choose to activate sound and vibration when an activity starts and stops.


GPS accuracy, info, and tips

Waterspeed uses the internal GPS of your device to track Speed, Heading, save the track, and calculate statistics. On Apple Watch 2 or higher uses the internal GPS (if iPhone is not connected). Waterspeed applies filters to the GPS data received from the system, in order to avoid mistakes and adapt that to the Watersports behavior.


Please, be sure to allow access to the GPS (Location) in the general settings of your iPhone and your Apple Watch.


NOTE: if you experience some big mistake in your track, using the Apple Watch alone, please try to put it in Flight mode, to avoid any connection, that can be the reason for the wrong position registered.


NOTE 2: In case of mistakes or if you forget to stop the GPS when you are back to the land, use the CUT Tool available inside the Navigation Details view (see the related article).


Waterspeed can also work with an external GPS that is natively integrated with your device and compatible with iOS 10 or higher (for example to use an iPad that doesn't have the internal GPS).


Before start tracking your session, be sure to wait until there is a GPS signal. If not, open iOS Maps, then open Waterspeed and let it search for a few minutes to lock onto a GPS signal.

Make sure you have enabled the GPS in the Location Services setting for Waterspeed of your device.

Be aware that just because some maps app like Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. may show your location on the map, this does not mean that the device's GPS is functioning properly or that a GPS fix has been obtained. The data used to show your location on the map may be based on the cellular network, Wi-Fi signals, or very poor accuracy.


Please note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease your battery life.

Battery life on Apple Watch

Based on thousands of users' experience and how many apps are running at the same time, you should be able to track activities continuously for 5 hours on Apple Watch 3 and more on higher versions (following the below suggestions to save battery). It is usually enough for tracking a Water Sports day.

If you need to get the maximum from the battery life you should set your Waterspeed on Apple Watch as:

- Low GPS Power active

- Dark mode activated

- 'Save Workout' deactivated

- 'Distance alarm' deactivated

You can also see here some advice for the general settings of your watch:

Delete/Undelete tracks

Waterspeed doesn't delete tracks but marks them as deleted. So they will be always available and can be restored from the 'Undelete' button on the Diary page.


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