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The App for Watersport lovers!

Waterspeed helps to improve your water sports, using Apple Watch or iPhone to get real-time Speed, Direction, Distance, Pace, Heart rate, Wind, Tides, and many other stats.


Dedicated features for Sailing, Windsurf, Kite, Canoe, Paddle SUP, Outrigging, Kayak, Powerboat, Wakeboarding, Windfoil, Rowing, Wing, Dragon, Pedal, Jet Surfing and many Foil sports etc.

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Available in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish

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Waterspeed - Water sport logger for Sailing, Windsurf, Kayak, Kite, Paddle
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Fully Optimised for Apple Watch!

For those who love water sports as Sailing, Kite, Windsurf, Paddling SUP, Outrigging, Kayaking, Rowing, Wakeboard, Foil etc, Waterspeed offers amazing tools to track activities (speed, route, distance, heart rate, calories) in real-time, save it in your logbook and use it to improve performances.

Waterspeed works with Apple Watch using the internal GPS, so you can keep tracking trails and monitor your speed and heading without the iPhone, especially in the water! When you come back closer to your iPhone, Waterspeed will sync all points and data automatically and get Wind speed and direction, so you can review your tracks point by point, see graphs and stats, with dedicated tools for different water sports.

Waterspeed works on the iPhone and iPad too. If you bring with you, don't forget to cover it well to stop water from damaging it.


More than 150,000 among Sailors, Kiters, Windsurfers, Paddlers, Outriggers, Kayakers use Waterspeed today. Give it a try today!




Providing the best App for Water Sports

Review point-by-point

Waterspeed is very useful: review your track point-by-point with Speed, Direction, Heart rate and Max Speed to improve your sport.

Apple Watch first

It is designed to work first with your Apple Watch, without an iPhone, so you can use it in the water easily (but you can use iPhone/iPad too).

Weather, Wind, Tides

Before a session, check the weather of your spot and get temperature, wind speed, gust and tides. At the end get automatically wind and angle.



15 Mil






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Waterspeed - Water sport logger for Sailing, Windsurf, Kayak, Kite, Paddle
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How Waterspeed works

All features you need for free:

• Real-time Speed, Heading, Trajectories, Max speed, Distance, Pace

• Full view with big numbers

• Logbook of all activities with Stats, Totals, and Graphs

• Review saved tracks point-by-point with Speed, Colours, Duration, Max speed, Speed avg, Linear Distance, and other stats

• Beaufort Wind scale

• Add Equipment to your activities (Board, Sail, Paddle, Fin, Boat type, Kayak type etc, with size and other info)

• Drop 2 marks and get statistics of a single length, cut, or export

• View speed and units in Knots, Miles, Km

• Choose your sport

• Pace calculation

• Split duration, Max speed, and Avg speed by 200m, 250m, 500m, 1KM, 1NM, 1 Mi, 2km, 5km, 10km

• 2 Farthest points calculation

• Basic Backup on Apple iCloud Drive

• Health App and Activity integration and save Map/Route

• Automatic sync from Watch to iPhone

• Use the Crown to Start, Stop and Pause (useful when the watch is wet)

• Fastest Speed for 5, 10 seconds

• On iPad: use the internal GPS, if available, or any external GPS compatible with iOS

• Save the number of maneuvers, wind speed, and angle, comment

• Force touch menu on Apple Watch for an easy start

• Activity list on Watch with "Re-sync" button

• Social sharing

• Open a specific point in Maps/Google Maps

• Available in English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish



Make the most with the PRO version:

• Cloud sync between iPad and iPhone

• Cloud backup

• Compare and Overlay 2 tracks

• Merge activities

• Check the weather and tides forecast 6 days/1 hour in your spot with temperature (°C/°F), wind speed, and gust

• Wind speed forecast on Apple Watch Complications

• Automatic Wind detection, saved in the track

• Countdown for Regatta on Apple Watch and iPhone/iPad with sound and vibration

• Export to iPad from iPhone

• STRAVA native integration

• Export to GPX for Relive, Garmin, Google, GPSAR, GPS-SpeedSurfing

• Export to CSV/Excel file

• Import GPX

• Play your track and see the video of your performance

• Unlimited number of activities saved in the logbook

• Fastest Speed for 2, 5, 10, and 20 seconds, 500 meters, 1 KM and 1 NM

• Continued update and new features every month

Free version or Subscription

Free version: up to 5 saved tracks. Full version to un lock all features, available for a monthly, every 3 months or yearly subscription with a trail period for free (check prices on App Store).

Windsurfer testimonial for Waterspeed

Michael Maynar


It is the only one I've found specifically tailored for Windsurf. It stands alone on the Watch & doesn't need iPhone in proximity. The GPS map tracking with heat zones is an awesome feature. There's everything you need to be able to record a session & track your progression.

Sailor testimonial for Waterspeed

Sam Whaley

British Sailing Team

I sail Lasers, Waszp, and other dinghies and have found your app to be incredibly easy to use and great to use as part of my training.

I love it!

Testimonial for Waterspeed: Sailing, Kayak and Paddle

Angelo Russo

Passionate Sailor

App straordinaria, io la uso per andare a vela. Permette di visualizzare tutti i dati essenziali sull'Apple Watch ed inoltre registra fedelmente il tracciato, scaricandolo in background su iPhone e iPad. Proprio ciò che mancava. Imperdibile!

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